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Egyptian and Swarovski - Strauss crystal pendant - crystal earring in silver or gold finish - Swarovski crystal star - crystal tear drop pendant - snowflake - crystal heart pendant - crystal ball pendant - earrings handmade - Egyptian 30% leaded faceted crystal ball pendant
Jewelry featured on this page are all made with Genuine Swarovski crystals made in Austria. All of Swarovski crystals have a 32 percent lead content.
It is the high lead content which causes the brilliant sharp colors to be refracted back to the viewer in a magnificent display of prismatic color.

Many years ago the Swarovski company perfected a surface coating on the crystals they call Aurora Borealis. The plain non coated cut crystal still breaks down light into prismatic colors , but with the addition of the Aurora Borealis treatment, the crystals seem to explode with color even without bright light passing through them. The difference between the AB coated crystals and the regular crystals is easily noticed.
Beside the regular clear bodied crystals that have become well known, there are also crystals with coloring agents added like red, blue, green, violet and many more colors. Recently the Swarovski company began to apply the Aurora Borealis coating to some of the colored crystals and the combination of the colored crystal with the Aurora Borealis treatment can be quite striking. It is sometimes difficult to accurately capture the effects of the color display on these crystals as the colors dance out of the crystals quickly at different viewing angles.

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