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how to cleanse any home or work space
removing negative entities and energies

How to do a sage Smudge Ceremony
by Diane & Mike McKnight
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Regarding the smudge ceremony, remember that no matter the details of your actions, God knows what you are trying to do, and in the end you can't do it wrong, there is no wrong, God and the master spirit guides in the world unseen will understand your actions and bless your efforts. Well first of all I use sage or sage with sweetgrass. I pick a time when I'm not likely to be interrupted, and also pick some appropriate music to play , some new age instrumental stuff.
Not important if it's not possible.

Then I say a prayer asking God and my spirit guides to be with me and guide my actions.
Personally I use the Light Invocation by Dael Walker and repeat it three times as he suggested.

I invoke the light of the God within
I am a clear and perfect channel
Light is my guide

The smudge stick is sometimes hard to keep smoldering so when you first light it, blow out the flame after it gets going and then blow into the smoldering embers to really let it take hold or else it might burn out. If it does burn out, just re-light it again and keep going. After I get the stick smoldering, I ask the smoke be blessed and that it will trap any and all negative entities and energies. The first thing I smudge is myself starting with the bottoms of my feet and then working the smoke up around my body and around my head and crown chakra. After that is done I start at a doorway and direct the smoke completely around the door frame, you will repeat this in every room starting at the entry doorway to each room and the front and back or side doors to the apartment or house.

After the doorways just go around the room to the four corners and then down the middle with a circular motion. Don't forget to open closet doors and drawers to chests and cabinets also before you begin. The mental image is as if you were about to fumigate the property for bugs, the idea is to let the smudge smoke get into and around everything within the home or office. Instead of getting rid of bugs , you are getting rid of negative entities and energies. When you have completed every room, then say another prayer, thanking God and your spirit guides for help and blessings asking that all the smoke carry away all negative entities and energies out away from your home or office. Open as many windows and doors as is practical to allow the smoke to be purged from the interior and fresh air and chi to flow back into your living or work space. The idea is the smoke traps the unwanted stuff and then you let it out through the windows and open doors.

I always burn some good smelling incense at the beginning of the ceremony to help cover the pot-like smelling sage. If possible I also light a few candles and create a makeshift altar with the candles and a few crystals of what ever you might have before I begin, to help act as center place for my prayers and smudge lighting. To help direct the smoke into drawers and closets, you can either use a feather if you have one or just use your hand in a fanning motion. One other practical matter, sometimes smoldering pieces of ash from the sage or string the binds the sage will tend to drop to the floor so to prevent burn spots on your floor, it might be best to try and use a paper plate or something to catch the ash during the smudging.

Another alternative to a smudge stick bundle would be to burn loose sage in a dish or bowl which would prevent the smoldering ash problem. This ceremony does tend to drain the person doing it, so allow so rest time for afterward. You may notice the difference of energy right away or especially the next day, as will visitors to your home or work space.

One last item, should you have any crystals or rocks in your space, you may want to raise their vibration after the smudging by ringing a bell, or ringing a brass bowl near where they sit. Finally put out the smudge and after closing the windows and doors sit down and relax for a while and begin to enjoy your cleansed environment. You might want to redo the smudge ceremony at least every 6 months , or more often if you feel the need. You might want to try and time the smudging to a new moon or at the change of seasons.

Remember God and your spirit guides understand what you are trying to do, so THERE IS NO WRONG WAY to do it. You may want to include some of your favorite readings, or do this with a loved one. Basically that's it, good luck and be well.

Love & Hugs,
Mike & Diane

For more information on smudging you may want to visit this website page

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