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If you have been shopping for a new wand pendant recently, or in the past, I wanted to point out some interesting differences between our wand pendants and the other ones commonly sold online and in shops.

The single biggest difference is that in most all of the other wand pendants, the center main shaft is made of glass - the wands made here feature real gemstone or crystal materials NOT glass.

The other big difference is in the design and technique used to hang the pendant on a chain. Most of the wand pendants I've seen in the past come with small rabbit ear style chain bail soldered on the back side which causes the pendant to lean to one side or the other, ours is a totally different approach to hanging the pendant as shown on this page.

custom peridot and quartz wand pendant in silver finish
"Life Cycle" wand pendant
#68872a - custom "Life Cycle Wand" pendant silver finish
custom handmade wand pendant features a main shaft of a six sided clear quartz double terminated polished crystal point - beading includes 3 premium 4mm round peridot beads
in middle and a 10mm faceted clear quartz bottom bead.
This pendant measures about 2-1/2 inches long over all to top of chain loops. The larger circle
is made from 14ga round Sterling silver wire, there are two 6.5mm Sterling silver chain loops
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without chain
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