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Below are comments from some of our valued clients

Just wanted to tell you how much I love the chakra wand pendant and chain.  The pendant is so beautiful and I have received so many compliments on it.  It is special and unique--and I feel special and unique when I wear it. Thank you so much for providing such a lovely item and for such great customer service. Bless you.
Mary G. - Ca.

Dear Diane and Mike,
     Hello, just wanted to let you know I have received the Black Tourmaline pendant with the moonstone 69988a.
The Pendant is beautiful and just what I had been looking for and Love it!! Thank you so much and will come back again to shop, Thank you once again for the lollipop....LOL my little son saw that and said wow I didn't know that it comes with candy when you order stuff LOL. Have a nice day! Blessings to you
Elisabeth S. - Ca.

Mike and Diane,
We Hug Jewelry is now with me.  Thank you so much for what you have done with this.
It has found a home, and will now be passed along in this family for as long as I can possibly imagine.
Feels like a new door has cracked open, and now I can peek in to possibilities.
Thank you.
LeRoy - Alaska

I was very please with your product & the speed in which it came, and
how nice of a little box and bow. I will highly recommend you to everyone.
Thank You! MICHELLE V - DE

Diane and Mike,
I just wanted to let you know that my order for the two crystal ball
pendants arrived this morning and I am thrilled with them both! Thank you
so much for your kind words and your wonderful service. I'm looking forward
to using your company again.
Have a wonderful Samhain and thank you so much for your wonderful website.
Vicki G.  - WY

Hi! I just stumbled upon your website and had to take a moment to
send my appreciation for the beautiful work you've done. I'm not a
lady of great means, but if I were, I don't think I could prevent
myself from buying up the whole site! I can hardly take my eyes off
of the photos!

Joan I
I just received the necklace I ordered a few days ago.
Thanks for the excellent service and fast shipping.
The leather necklace is awesome.... my pendant (a small Viking ship) looks incredible
on it, and has found it's new home.
Thanks again,
Robin B.

Hello! Just wanted to drop you a line to tell you I got the emerald necklace ad quartz heart today.
I don't think I have ever seen a thing as pretty as that necklace, and the heart you picked out is PERFECT.
Thank you so much. I know my mom will love both of them. After looking at your selection and art,
it is hard to believe that anyone would prefer a "cut" gem or stone. I like the "raw" stone much much better.
You make Zale's and other similar stores look like costume jewelry. The things that you have still have a
story in them to tell, that's why I love the imperfections. Each tiny spot or groove is another verse in an unending poem.
Stones that have been chiseled, shined, set in gold, and placed under lights in a mall don't say anything
except "buy me." Your jewelry says "see me....get to know me." I just love it. Thanks so much, and I will be back soon !
Tracy O.

Hello again Mike, I ordered a piece of handcrafted Moldavite Jewellery back in September
(amongst a leather necklace and a few other items) and felt the urge to provide
some feedback about the service received and the item itself. I apologize for the
delay in doing this, but life has since been quite hectic, and it has slipped my
mind on several occasions.
I felt I just had to comment on the skill and effort that appeared to have
gone into the piece; the results were truly inspirational. I’d been looking
for something made of this rock for a while, and had been very skeptical of the
spread of fakes amongst the market; I’m very pleased to have discovered one
of which I can be certain of its authenticity. Your email support was fast, patient and informed.
The pendant was very happily received by the intended recipient, and I don’t
doubt it will be treasured for many years to come. It’s great to see there is now
more of your handcrafted work available.
If I ever need such pieces again, your website will be the first place I look.
I hope you both had a great Christmas and I wish you all the best for the New Year.
Thanks again for the help you’ve provided,
Peter C. Norfolk, UK.

Hello Mike and Diane. I would like to apologize for not getting in touch with you sooner to let you know that I received my vitrial crystal pendant and was sooooo amazed at the beauty of it! I expected it to be beautiful but it is more beautiful than I had expected! I immediately went into my jewelry box and got out one of my gold chains and I had to put it on right away. I have not taken it off since. I have some crystals hanging in certain parts of my home (a feng shui thing) I believe that crystals has certain healing powers. And so, I would like to take this time to thank you both for the most beautiful stone I have ever owned..... Thank you once again and you will be hearing from me again.
MaryAnn - Washington (state)

Hi there, Mike,
 Well- the Kunzite wrapped pendant I ordered arrived today- and am I ever impressed! It is positively gorgeous! And remember our discussion of it being wrapped in the gold or silver wire- remember the description appeared both ways on the website? Well the silver suits it perfectly- it's iciness is such a wonderful compliment to the color- and what a beautiful soft pale pink it is! And you packaged it so beautifully- I will tell you when I saw that peppermint enclosed in the box I smiled and laughed- and truly felt like a kid at Christmas time again. Thank you for the exceptional service, for all your help, and for creating such marvelous masterpieces. I will most definitely be back- and soon!
 Have a wonderful holiday,
Danbury CT

Hi Mike and Diane,
I just received the Silver Ankh with Garnet Stone in today's mail. This was my second Order from you (first one was the Khamsa) and I'm extremely happy with both pieces of jewelry. The Ankh is the nicest one I've seen out of all the ones being sold in stores and/or on-line. The Garnet Stone definitely gives it that little extra touch of class. The same can be said about the Khamsa (Hand of God with Moonstone/Rubies). I'll definitely be coming back to you again.
Thanks again - always all the best to you ....
Kathy M.
Miami, FL

I received my purchase from New Spirit (We Hug Jewelry) about two weeks ago, and I have worn
it almost every day since. The wire wrap design is so inspired, so unique,
and so exquisite that it turns the head of every jewelry lover with whom I
come in contact. I cannot count the number of people who have asked me where
I purchased this piece, nor the number of strangers who have walked up to me
and asked me if they could feel the stone.
In addition, I have had the item examined by a lapidary and a Feng Shui
master in my area who is completely awed by the wrap. He, too, wanted to
know where I had purchased the piece. (I can't help but imagine that he was
a bit jealous. After all, I had purchased all of my healing stone jewelry
items from him before I found this site on the internet.)
This piece will forever be protected and loved, and it gives back the same
100 fold.
Thank you so much for such a beautiful and spiritual item. I only wish I had
the funds to order more :)
Suzanne M. Louisiana

Dear Mike and Diane,
I received my absolutely beautiful laser crystal today, and I can't thank you enough. Any fears I might
have had as a new on-line buyer, have vanished, thanks to your professionalism and prompt service I will
return to your site for all my crystal purchases.
I was frankly astounded that when I noticed a small error, you not only rushed to correct the mistake
but also gave me the crystal sent by mistake. Then to top that you rushed the correct one to me by
airmail with a handwritten note of apology. WOW!
I have not run into any website that has impressed me as much as yours has. I am a customer for life!
A million thanks, and a glowing testament to your wonderful service and honesty and integrity!
Sincerely Yours
Hamilton, Ontario
Hello again Mike and Diane,
Once again, I forwarded more cheques for my recent auction wins and
wonderful 14K gold, black druzy quartz wave carving pendant - great
items and great buys.
I guess I am a frequent flyer (buyer) -- joke, joke.
My other rock, crystal, jewellery (etc.) sources keep emailing me
asking what has happened to me. I buy quite a few rocks etc. each year,
to me they are the best investment in more ways than one. I am totally
thrilled with your selection and have not purchased anything elsewhere
since we connected. Once again, thanks for your great service and
wonderful attitude.
P.S. I really love the auctions - great fun and great value.
Light and Harmony,
Debbie J.
Ontario, Canada

Dear Mike and Diane
I would just like to express my heartfelt thanks on the wonderful
jewelry and mineral orders you've sent me in recent times. They are
superb! You obviously have a great eye for quality and the prices are
more than fair. The efforts you went to in finding me the malachite I
wanted is very much appreciated. I love it! And thank you, too for the
lovely gift. It was delightful and so kind of you.
I've told all my New Zealand friends about your site and your
friendliness and professionalism. I'm sure you'll be hearing from the
ones who are on-line but in the meantime, I'm looking forward to many
more exciting purchases from you.
Warm regards
G. L. , New Zealand

What a wonderful assortment of beautiful gems you have in these pages!
My next trip northwest will take me right by your store so I can see
all of your stock! I would spend my entire paycheck here if I didn't
have to pay my mortgage. Your auctions are great fun, although I feel
a little guilty for being able to buy such great pieces at such low
prices. I love your monthly contest too! I always learn tons of new
gem stuff while finding the answers to your gem quiz.
And Mike, thank you so very much for the excellent advice you have
given me on my varied inquiries. I appreciate the extra time you take
to answer my questions. Your kindness and generosity have not gone
unnoticed and I am very glad to have found you, Diane and your
wonderful website. Keep shining!
Merri , North Carolina

Hi Mike,
Received my auction quartz and it's BOO-TOO-FULL! I like the way you do
business and I recommend your site to every fellow surfer. Thanks Mike!
I'll be back.
Personal regards,
MicHale , Canada

Thank you for my wonderful wraps. I received my order today, and I love
my Rose Quartz it's fabulous! The Herkimer Diamond went over great, he
just loved it!!!
You do great work, I look forward to ordering from you again.
Thanks A lot,
Christina H. , Maryland

One of the highlights of this year has been my experience of getting to know
Mike and Diane and having found their extraordinary website...the warmth and
genuineness of these two people is as true as the beautiful gems and jewelry
they present. The personal caring, knowledge and skill they demonstrate, not
only by their wonderfully user friendly and professionally accomplished
website, is as rarely found today as the treasures offered here. I consider
myself extremely blessed to have found Mike and Diane.
I heartily recommend them to others I know and to anyone who has come to this
site...their products and they themselves are unequaled in excellence. I
have seldom seen work as fine as theirs and every item I have received from
them has been truly remarkable and elicits comments such as How beautiful!
Where did you get that! from people who see their work. Also, the monthly
auction and contest are fun! I have learned much and have had a great time
doing these and will be happily continuing to participate in future months to
Nancy , Iowa

Mike...Package arrived at 12:30 pm and I was overwhelmed. The turquoise
of course is beautiful and is already 'in place' and will hopefully do
its thing. But the other items are what I am writing you about. What a
most thoughtful and caring thing to do. The guardian angel was so sweet
and is on my jacket and the crystal - I assume you have programmed it to
take car of all my worries right?
In any event, thank you so very much. It is so nice to deal with people
who still care about the other person. I have met warmer and nicer
people on the net that almost anywhere else and you are at the top of
the list. Thank you so very much.
Sincerely, B. R. , California

Dear Mike and Diane,
I just wanted to thank you both for my beautiful pendants and for the extra
gift of moonstone and the angels. I am absolutely delighted! They are more
beautiful than I imagined. I know that I will be ordering from you in the
near future. Thanks again!
Lori, Brooklyn , NY

Hi, Mike and Diane,
Just wanted to let you know that the package of auction wins arrived
yesterday. Everything is wonderful; my only disappointment is that I
*forgot* about the end of the auction and let some wonderful items get away!
I love your auctions and can't wait for the next one to get started! Keep
up the good work!
Best regards,
Donna, Texas

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