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herkimer diamond from upstate New York with moldavite crystal in custom Argentium silver wire wrapped pendant


Here we offer another power pendant featuring a Herkimer Diamond with very nice quality Moldavite crystal. They are custom wrapped in Argentium silver wire. Argentium is a special brand of Sterling silver
that tends to resist tarnish better that other silver alloys. We still recommend keeping your new treasure
in a zip loc plastic baggie (which is furnished with your purchase) when you aren't wearing it for the best tarnish prevention.

The Herkimer Diamond crystal measures about .55 inches long by .4 inches thick. this crystal is around 99% clear and can be considered a AA quality crystal. All of the Herkimer Diamonds we sell actually
come from The Herkimer Diamond mines in upstate New York , I see so many dealers selling small
squatty double terminated crystals mostly from Mexico as "Herkimer Diamonds" at cut rate prices, I don't understand why
these other dealers need to do this, many of the Mexican crystals are very nice, but usually not the clarity and sparkle of the crystals mined in New York.

Herkimer Diamonds are also called the dream crystal as it enhances your dream state and helps your dreams work out difficulties you are going through. Because these crystals are a special shape of quartz crystals, they also can enhance and expand the energies of other crystals or stones they are near. They like regular quartz crystals can help heal holes and align your chakra system.

The Moldavite crystal is a very nice piece but I do not know exactly what area it was mined. It measures
about 1.1 inches long by .85 inches wide by .25 inches thick and weighs about 5.6 grams. Moldavite is a bottle green impactite that helps heal the 4th heart chakra, and is said to aid communication with entities
from deep space. Moldavite has been set with Herkimer Diamonds for a very long time going back to
the discovery of Herkimer diamond crystals in late 18th century and continues a popular combination
to this day. You are buying this exact pendant as shown

$225 - includes S&H
without chain

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